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Andrew Cavanagh March 16th, 2009 Wed-Fri 9:30am-10:45am Professor Jackson Brotherhood Fraternities!!! “Yo bro, I think I’m gonna head over to the frat tonight, and have some fun, get a few drinks in tonight, party with some women.” “Ya that sounds good man, I’m with you.” Many people think this is actually what goes on in a frat house. This is true, drinking and partying do occur at a frat, but it is not just that. The true definition of a frat house is “A social club for male undergraduates.” This is a broad, general statement. A frat is a brotherhood. Many things in this essay cannot be mentioned because of the brotherhood. I have taken the time do a little interacting with the frat at my college. I have interviewed a member and I was very surprised with some of the answers. They were very well thought out. I have also researched frats online. The person I interviewed from the frat is Bobby Johnson. He is one of my good friends and a one of my teammates on the football team. He is a very kind man, and has respect for everyone. I took the time to sit down with him, and talk to him about what really goes on with a frat, and if the stereotype of being a brother is true. I had first asked Bobby “What made you join the frat?” He told me since he was an only child growing up, he wanted to part of a family when he got to college. It would be like having a family away from home he said. Bobby also told me he wanted to know what a frat was. We then discussed how the frat has people join, and there is period of time where the brother of a frat recruit people to join the frat and it is called rushing. They try to find activities to do to try and intrigue newcomers. I had asked Bobby what else does the frat do, and if the misconception of frats is all true. He answered to me that they are a big part of the college and the community as well. They do a bunch of

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