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Q2. Explain how mental ill health may have an impact on the individual including: a) Psychological and emotional Mental illness can affect the individual in a deep way by affecting the way they feel thinks and feels. They may feel tearful and have feelings of worthlessness. b) Practical and financial Mental health problems may affect finances in many ways: * If the ability to work is affected there may be a sudden or, possibly, dramatic reduction in income. * If they spend time away from home, for example while they are cared for in hospital, it may be difficult to keep up to date with their financial commitments. * If they have symptoms such as mania their capacity to make financial decisions may be affected as they might act recklessly or unwisely. * If they have symptoms of depression the person may lose the motivation or the ability to concentrate to keep control of your finances. * If they are unable to make decisions for themselves for any reason, they could be more vulnerable to financial eThe individual may have feelings of denial and so not seek any help. d) Social exclusion Often, people with mental health problems feel cut off from other people, including family, friends and neighbours. It's important to listen to what they’ve got to say and to let them express themselves without interrupting or offering your opinion. e) Positive impacts Often, mental illness takes away the positive aspects of the individual’s life and needs the help of professionals, family and friends for support and help.xploitation or abuse. c) The impact of using services Q3. Explain how mental ill health may have an impact on those in the individual’s familial, social or work network including: a) Psychological and emotional The individual may feel a multitude of negative emotions and find themselves going on a downward spiral, which makes the condition worse. b) Practical
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