4222-396 Essay

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Unit 4222-396 – Support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities Outcome 1 Understand the impact of multiple conditions and/or disabilities on individuals 1.1 Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have Individuals may have multiple conditions/disabilities such as physical and mental health problems, learning difficulties and sensory loss. Extra support may be required for individuals that have multiple conditions. 1.2 Explain how multiple conditions and /or disabilities may have an additional impact on the individuals well-being and quality life Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing. They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, as well as empathy and support with any emotional needs they may have. 1.3 Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities may have an impact on individuals opportunity to participate in a range of activities General housework tasks, personal care and social activities can all become difficult to a person with multiple conditions and disabilities. They may have problems dealing with other everyday situations such as shopping, working, administering their medication and paying bills, and may require support with these situations also. Outcome 2 Understand own role in supporting individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities 2.1 Describe own role in supporting the well being of individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities In my role, I encourage and assist Service Users with personal care, cooking, administering medication, stoma care, cleaning and laundry. I also carry out home visits for Care Plan and Risk Assessments. My duties are varied and I am required to assess, adapt and provide support with various situations that may arise,
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