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Trystan McAtee Biology 2 period 6 4/19/15 Pollen Expert Assignment Hello, I am Trystan McAtee (Ph.D., Ph.D.) I have 2 Ph.Ds. in Botany and Forensic Science. I have been called to work in several trials, including one of the most famous one’s currently, the “Patrick Ray” trial where I helped study the evidence that would convict him and gave him life without parole. What is pollen? The answer to that is a sperm that discharged through a male flower or cone that that would hopefully for the plant’s sake would pollinate a plant of the same species. Most pollen, more or less, is a fine powdery substance that looks somewhat like this. Picture borrowed from: http://www.myessentia.com/blog/the-odd-goodness-of-bee-pollen/ Pollen can range from 6 micrometers to 100 micrometers and many are produced in spring but they also are made around the clock for pollen that is also produced in the different seasons. Pollen can be transferred different ways: wind, water, animals, and self-pollination and all of these can produce different quantities at different times. Pollen differs from plant to plant because the plants differ. The pollen will never change until a cross pollination in between 2 plants of the same species. Marijuana pollen is wind pollinated so it produces massive amounts of pollen and when we inspected the suspects’ basement we found many pollen grains that look like this. Curtesy of : http://www.420magazine.com/forums/budding-cycle/74498-scanning-electron-microscope-image-female-calyx-trichomes.html Using Locard’s principal of forensics we will see that the suspects have marijuana pollen on them in massive amounts and we can link them to this crime. We already found many pollen grains on the floor of the suspects’ basement and the police sent the evidence to me which I have previously identified was almost exactly

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