401 Iqa Assignment

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Assignment 401 Understanding the Principles & Practices Of Internally Assuring the Quality Of Assessment. Introduction. The Purpose of this report is to give the reader an insight to the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) that takes place with in further education establishments around the country. It will explain the purpose of IQA with in learning and development in colleges and training providers as well as explaining the key concepts and principle behind it. Finally, the report will identify various roles in these establishments who are involved in offering support and guidance to their assessors in preparation for a visit from the External Quality Assurance (EQA) for the awarding body. The Function of IQA IQA is a process where the college/ training centre plans and prepares the quality assurance of the programs that they deliver. The program should be structured, monitored and all resources in place to carry out the monitoring. The monitoring will include all aspects of leaner’s journey including its planning, the delivery, assessments, reviewing and all record keeping. Once this process is complete, it is then reviewed and improvements made to the necessary areas for future IQA. IQA for the provider has its benefits if correctly monitored and can include:- * Regulatory requirements met * Improved learner experience * Retention rates for learners increased * Higher success rates * Cost effective programs * Support for other planning and monitoring processes Although there are various model used for IQA, depending on the number of qualifications being delivered and the size of the organisation. Diagram 1. The above model shows the team members involved with the IQA process for a large organisation that delivers a number of varied qualifications and has appointed a Quality manager to oversee the process and to
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