4 Wheel Drive Essay

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In between doing my homework and school I like to off-road in my Jeep. The first car I drove was my moms 1986 Cherokee Laredo. At the time the four-wheel drive didn’t work and I didn’t care much. I soon learned the need for four-wheel drive after a few scary situations last summer. I was driving in a ditch with tons of mud. In the ditch there was a tall hill that I was thinking about driving up. I drove up the hill and as I reached the top, my tires started slipping. My friend and I slowly went backwards down the hill, because the brakes weren’t doing their job. The speed picked up, it got really scary when we turned 90 degrees on the hill. I thought we were going to roll as we were sliding sideways, so I hit the gas and we slid around and then the Jeep was facing the bottom of the hill. A tow strap and good drivers can’t always help you. A few months ago Cody and I went to the desert behind my house to go four wheeling. We were having fun for a while and Cody stopped, and he thought about driving through a big puddle of water in front of his Cherokee that was near waist high. He finally did it after I talked him into it. He has a hole in his muffler and it took in a lot of water so he only made it halfway before it died and sunk in the mud. Cody called one of his friends and asked him to come out so he could bring him home. In my attempt to pull his jeep out I ran into some mud that I didn’t notice. My tires started flinging up mud and it was soon hopeless. We couldn’t pull the strap off his Cherokee because it had no slack and we couldn’t manage to push Cody’s Jeep. Luckily their friend came out in his Pathfinder and pulled me out. We made it out all right and he got his car running a few hours later when he came

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