4.5 Bring It All Together Essay

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Brandon King Student number: 0004214800 4.5 Bring It All Together Assignment Part I: Nine themes of Digital Citizenship 1. You set up a new event on iCal to remind you to change your passwords every 3 months. * Digital Security, because it a matter of security on the internet or a website. By changing your password on a website or internet makes it harder to figure out and therefore protects us from being hacked on the internet. 2. Various restaurants and coffee shops are now offering free wifi (wireless internet connection). * Digital Access, because if various restaurants and coffee shops offer free wifi which is wireless internet connection it allows more people or just people that don’t have internet at home to access internet and get on internet for whatever reasons they need like school or being on social sites like Facebook. 3. You respond to an email with ALL CAPS. * Digital Etiquette (misuse), because while communicating online with anyone it’s expected to show respects and proper behavior online. Emailing in all caps isn’t a show of respect or proper behavior, it shows disrespect and inappropriate behavior. 4. You purchase a used gaming system and find that the previous owner's account information has not been deleted. You go into the online store and start making purchases with their account information. * Digital Law (misuse), because Digital Law deals the rules or guidelines that govern what is right and wrong online. Using someone else’s account information to make purchases is a form of stealing or theft which is breaking the digital law. 5. You watch Lynda videos to learn how to use Photoshop. * Digital Literacy because it’s learning how to use Photoshop through a video. It’s helping to teach you something that you didn’t know how to do before making you more digitally literate and

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