4.5 Bias Analysis

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04.05 Bias Analysis Blank Graphic Organizer Issue: Casey Anthony is accused of killing her daughter Caylee.| First View: She is guilty of the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.| Author: Tammy (A Mom and Her Blog)| Facts and Opinions: Tammy says OPINIONS: "Ummmmm….hello! If she’s been kidnapped, why isn’t Casey providing this top secret info to the INVESTIGATORS who want to find her?" She also says "Again, I ask….if Casey has done nothing wrong, has nothing to hide, and has any kind of information at all as to Caylee’s whereabouts, why isn’t she providing this to the investigators who want so badly to find her baby? Why does she continue to act like she has something to hide, like she’s guilty? And if she’s not, and it’s her lawyer that is doing all of this to paint her in such a negative light…..there are thousands of lawyers out there. Why not fire THAT one, and find someone who actually cares about finding Caylee? Another statement made was "This chick is gulty as sin AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO SIT AROUND AND DEFEND HER IS PURE NUTTS!" FACTS: Casey continues to lie to the investigators on multiple factors.Tammy appears to think Casey is guilty due to all of the lies being fed to the investigators. I really can't blame her because her daugter is missing- why lie when you're trying to get your baby home safely? Tammy believes she deserves the all-out punishment and she is as guilty as sin.| Second View: She is not guilty of intentionally murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony.| Author: Grubby Mariano| Facts and Opinions: Here is what he believes OPINION: "No, I do not agree that Casey Anthony deliberately killed her daughter, Caylee, because I believe it was an accident."He also says OPINION: "While I believe that Casey did not kill her daughter intentionally, I do believe she killed her on accident. FACTS :The prosecutor made the mistake of going for murder,

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