4.1a Description of the Possible Signs, Symptons, Indications and Behaviours That May Cause Concern in the Context of Safegaurding.........

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4.1 A description of the possible signs, symptons, indications and behaviours that may cause concern in the context of safegaurding......... There are differnt signs that may indicate a child is being abused or mistreat. Adults working with children need to have an understanding of them signs that could include both physical and behavioural changes . The four main t are datferent signs of abuseypes of abuse are: *Physical abuse *Emotional abuse *Sexual abuse *Neglect Physical abuse Physical abuse is deliberatliy using intentional physical force and violence to harm or injure a child. The injuries could come from them being hit, punched, shaken, beaten, kicked or poisioned. The possible signs of abuse are often quiet straight forward to spot. However they could be caused by genuine accidents. The signs could be bruising, old and new, to the body ie arms, legs, face, torse. Cuts or markings caused by objects i.e belts, hands, unusual fractiors or scars, bit markes or burns. Injuries that have inconsistant explainations and have not had medical attention, Immobile babies with unexplained marks, withdrawn from thier peers, all of a sudden starting to wet them selfs, jumps when touched, frozen watchfulness, reinactes want has been happening to them, refusal to change for p.e or swimming. An adult making a child poorly by poisoning and giving them alcohol or drugs is also abuse. Neglect Neglect is the failure to meet the basic physical and phycological needs of the child. The basic needs are shelter, food, love, general hygiene and medical care. The Signs of neglect may include undenurishment, constant hunger or stealing food, dirty or inappropriate clothing for the weather, poor personal hygiene, untreated medical problems, constant tiredness, illness or non attendence, low self esteem, no or little interaction with peer group, lonleyness and
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