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Dear city council, I purpose that we do not raise the legal driving age. The current legal driving age is at least 16 years old to get your learners permit and after one year you are eligable to recieve your driver's license. Many people belive that we should raise it to the age of 18. I think it should not be raised for many reasons. To begin with, you are a first time driver; no matter what age you are, it is your first time learning and you have no experiance yet, so to start driving at 18 would be the same as if you were 16. In addition, instead of crash rates being ay 16- 25 it would be 18-27; it does not lower crash rates so you cannot blame the age because as said before, the driver is inexperianced, no matter what age they are. furthermore, not only is it unfair to the responsible teen driving, but to their parents to get them to and from school and work, they should not bee shofering their grown children everywhere they need to go, and what if they have jobs, which most parents have, they would probably be wasting a lot of time driving as well as spending large amounts of gas money. Moreover, if teenagers get an early start, it will give them a better chance to mature faster because learning how to drive takes a lot of responsibiltiy. They would have more years of practice, be street smart and even be more prepared for driving later on in life in case of an emergancy where the adult is not able to drive. They could also learn to be more independent and be less likely to misuse their driving privilege. Also, Drunk drivers are the main reasons for car accidents. If you want to save innocent souls, make the punishment for DUI higher. Experience is what makes a driver good, not the age they get their permit or license. Making the required age go up would only postpone the inevitable. There will always be inexperienced drivers, plus when kids are 16, they

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