4.04 Comparison: Paragraph Analysis

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Sharlene Tobierre AC1307656 EN120.3.1 English Composition 1 Assignment 4_04 Compare- Contrast Paragraph November 02, 2013. In five years a lot have changed about me: however, there are some great differences and similarities in me five years ago. Five years ago, I was employed and lived with my daughter only, in the south of St. Lucia (Vieux-Fort); whereas, now I am unemployed, in a common- law relationship and live in the north of St. Lucia (Gros Islet). Before I lacked self confidence, wasn’t self motivated but now I feel so great about me. I have a high level of confidence and I push myself to do important things like exercising daily for better health and focusing on continuing my new career. Five years ago I wasn’t part of any organizations,

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