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CAUSES OF HOMOSEXUALITY A Term Paper as a partial fulfillment in English III Submitted to: Ms. Eve Grape Submitted by: Completo, Leah Ruth N. Date: February 2012 Leah Ruth Completo English III Ms. Grape 25 Feb 2012 Introduction Homosexual behavior is not new. It has been around for like, thousands and thousands of years: and virtually, every society has had to come to terms with it. Is it good? Is it bad? Or is it just another way of expressing human affection? Should society ban homosexuality? Or should it be welcomed? Do governments have the right to legislate on the sexual behavior of consenting adults? Or is homosexuality a private matter which shouldn’t concern the church, the government, or even God? Popular opinion about homosexuality is difficult to assess. Let us say that they decide to choose the same sex lifestyle because of the early backgrounds of anger, pain, and wounds. But why is it so different for others to stop them? Aren’t we taking away the solutions to their past history? Some may say it’s not God’s design for a family or even a society. But some may also suggest that gays do have a blueprint for transforming a nation. In addition, opinions from both side – Church and Pro-homosexuals, differ from one another. Discrimination is the number one problem. This paper intends to discuss the sides of the homosexuals and also the society. The rising discrimination makes them feel a lot isolated, somewhat a call for otherness. This topic was never really an intention, but somehow, this idea is just a result of pure curiosity thinking of gays and lesbian people come in contact with. Completo 1 Homosexuality: A Call for Otherness? When the word gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or homosexuality is uttered from mouth and you hearing it, what comes to your mind? 80%

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