3rd World Essay

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In many Third World nations there are no restrictions on pollution. Other environmental problems are not addressed by the government. Creating and/or enforcing environmental regulations would be economically disastrous to a poor country. The country will be forced to choose between buying food or having a clean environment. Food would be a concern for a poor country and the choose will be on the top of the list. Some of the western countries try to take advantage of the dilemma of Third World countries. They do everything from dump garbage to hazardous waste in the third world countries. The companies will also build plants, which are considerable pollution. The Third World nations will avoid the regulations these companies would have back in their countries. Transnational corporations will produce chemicals that are overly dangerous in the World , but will be a market in the Third World. Third World governments will not restrict the usage of these chemicals due to the cost to citizens to live. The Western nations allow law to promote a worker safety environment, but more manufacturers will have to move their factories to the less developing countries, that have little or no occupations laws, or where there are no enforcement agencies. Industries such as textile, petrochemical, and chemical production, along with smelting and electronics, have migrated toother countries like: Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. It is everyone’s responsibility of to do what is necessary to keep our environment clean. Pollution is more commonly known from factories. Factories, which pollute our air and streams of what was clean, water. Corporations produce chemicals that are too dangerous to produce in First World find a market in Third World Countries. There are no regulations in Third World Countries. Most of the time Third World countries have

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