3Rd Grade Memories Essay

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Sarah Pageau Religion December 11, 2011 Per.1 8B I walked into Las Vegas Day School’s 3C classroom excited and nervous for the first day of school. My teacher was Mrs. Negrin. She was super nice and made us all feel welcome. I was looking forward to this year because I heard from the big kids that we all did a lot of fun activites. My goals for the year were to have lots of fun and get good grades. I was also scared because I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be the same as second grade, or would it be completely different? We had lots of subjects like spelling, handwriting, grammar, math, reading, history, music, P.E., and computers. Our first subject was spelling, it was really fun! We learned how to spell all kinds of words, some of them were really hard. Every week we would have a star student and if you were the star student your name was put on the spelling study sheet. Each student except the star student would have to take the test and try to spell the star student’s name. My name was really hard to spell and almost everyone couldn’t spell it. Our next subject, handwriting was really difficult. We learned how to write better print and we started learning how to write cursive. We would fill a booklet learning how to write 1 or 2 letters in cursive. The lower case letters were the easiest but the capitol letters were confusing. I was happy that next year we wouldn’t have handwriting anymore but we would have to write all our papers in cursive. Grammar was an easy subject and I was good at it. In class we watched Schoolhouse Rock and I learned everything really quickly. We did lots of worksheets and discussed nouns and verbs. Every Friday we would have a quiz on what we learned throughout the week and at the end of the month we have a test. This wasn’t my favorite subject but it was ok. Nothing exciting ever happened. Math was one of my least

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