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Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information – (3RAI) Activity 1 Name: Nicola Cottrill Centre: Brooklands College CIPD Membership Number: 4216782X Word Count: 515 Briefing Note for the HR Director: Usage of HR Data I have reviewed the way in which our organisation collects, stores and uses HR data. I have identified two reasons why the organisation needs to collect HR data and types of data that is collects and how it is stored, and I have also outlined the benefits of the storage we use. Why We Keep Records It is important to keep accurate HR records for legislation reasons and internal purpose, mainly being operational information, but it can be used for strategic and tactical areas of reporting. To satisfy legal requirements government departments like the HMRC can ask for information of our employees; how many we employ, pay and history and hours worked going back over a number of years. The Working Time Regulations and the Minimum Wage Act 1998 both require records relating to hours worked and pay. Internally it is important to keep up to date accurate records to help the organisation plan ahead. Personnel records are important so we can effectively recruit, train and develop our staff to aid us in achieving the organisations goals. Having accurate data will allow managers to base decisions on facts rather than guesswork. (ACAS, 2011) Records We Keep Our organisation collects Sickness and Absence data so we can: * Monitor employee’s absences to identify patterns or trends. * The data can be used in appraisals ensuring the organisation has the accurate data could be vital in a dispute with an employee * It could identify issues with employee welfare to enable the organisation to offer support. Remuneration data is held to: * Enable the organisation to use for performance management, recruitment and retaining
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