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Reflection: Chelsea: 'Reflection is related to our consciousness; we reflect on day to day problems and situations. We will often find ourselves asking ‘What went well today?’ ‘What didn’t go so well today? And ‘What could I have done/said?’ Reflection doesn’t come with instructions. It is part of our thoughts and feelings on specific situations. Many people use reflection to learn from mistakes and to identify areas which they need to develop/improve. A PDP will help you reflect on your skills and experiences, being able to reflect will help you plan your goals thoroughly.' Reflection is an everyday process. We reflect on a range of everyday problems and situations all the time. What went well? What did’t? Why? How do I feel about? Terri: Generally we do not follow a formula for reflection it normally just happens within your feelings, thoughts and emotions. I know personally that sometimes I engage my mouth before I think of the consequence like only the other day I asked a colleague when they were due. The look of horror on her face as she stood buying a cream filled muffin was priceless!! However to my embarrassment I went away and thought about my question. I reflected on it and thought why? Did I ask that, what will I do when I see her again? And what was I thinking when I opened my mouth!!! For me personally reflection is an everyday thing that we use but sometimes the key elements that we use to reflect have no order no process they come with the after thought. Kelly: Kolb has a learning cycle of reflection based around Concrete Experience (this is the doing/having an experience) – Reflective Observation (reviewing/reflecting on the experience) – Abstract Conceptulisation (concluding/learning from the experience) – Active Experimentation (planning/trying out what you have learned). Terri fell straight into this cycle

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