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3RAI F203B (HR) Recording Analysing and Using Human Resources Information Activity 1 There are a variety of reasons why an organisation needs to collect HR data, some of which are:- • To satisfy legal requirements • Appraisal, training and performance management • Recording of absence data • To provide relevant information in decision making • To keep a record of Contractual arrangements • Keeping contact details of employees Two specific reasons why an organisation needs to collect HR Data are:- 1) To satisfy legal requirements Government departments including HMRC can request information on the number of people that are employed and what they are paid. Information can also be requested on how many hours individual employees have worked. The working time regulations and national minimum wage act each require specific records relating to hours of work and pay details. Eligibility to work is also a legal requirement and organisations need to show the due diligence process they have gone through to ensure employees comply. 2) Appraisal, Training and Performance Records An organisation can collect Performance Appraisals and use the data from this process to see how many appraisals were completed by each Manager or department and see if there are any learning or Training and development needs within the organisation. By keeping training and performance records on employees, this enables the management to assess individual productivity and performance. This will allow the organisation to help the employee reach their full potential which could increase productivity. Two Types Of Data Collected and How Each Supports HR Data to support HR can be both quantative and qualatitive. Quantative data can be statistically measured and often uses closed questions. This type of data
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