3m Case Study Question 3 and 4

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Question 3 Discuss the merits and problems with the so-called ‘15 per cent rule’. Consider cost implications and a busy environment with deadlines to meet. To what extent is this realistic or mere rhetoric? The 15 percent rule is almost pointless due to every project is different and everyone has different roles which may require more time that may cut into their 15 percent. There are others who may have a lot more free time to spare and can dedicate more than 15 percent towards innovation. The other factor is if deadlines need to be met in producing a new producing a new There are pros and cons to all innovations but I think that this is a good idea. When you allow for your employees to take some downtime to free their mind and create new products even during a stressful situation with deadlines you will allow for even more creativity to come through but on the other hand it is understandable that during stressful events with deadlines to meet the 15 percent rule can be a distraction to what the goals of the company are at that present time. I think if it is structured and done at the right times NOT during peak promotional or busiest periods then it can work. Question 4 Encouraging product and brand managers to achieve 25 per cent of sales from recently introduced products would be welcomed by shareholders, but what happens if a successful business delivers profits without 25 per cent of sales from recently introduced

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