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3D Printers may solve poverty: Economy could be hurt GS1140 – Problem Solving Rob Murray II Amanda Bridegroom 6/24/2013 3D Printers may solve poverty: Economy could be hurt Technology is advancing every day to help create new and innovative ways to help people. 3D printers are especially an up and coming attraction to many people outside of manufacturing. 3D printers started in the mid 1980’s but solely used for heavy manufacturing and unavailable to the mass public for personal use, and they work by using a liquid that is able to be squeezed out through a syringe and then a program is able to duplicate an object on screen and make it 3 dimensional. It does this by printing the object in layers. 3D printers are still being used for manufacturing but on a much grander scale. The Medical Industry is starting to take full interest in the abilities of the printer to help create prosthesis, new bones, ears, tissue, etc. at a much lower cost for patients who need help. The same can go for anyone willing to purchase these new and innovative machines. Anyone will be able to create food, new materials, and be able to build almost anything and help everyone that is in desperate need of it. With the introduction of 3D printers, medical technology, food, and even housing could become the building blocks for future generations and help globalize the end of poverty for all. The Medical Industry has gone from drinking cocaine back in the 1800’s to replacing a nose, an ear, or even a finger with the help of 3D printers. With the availability of 3D printers to the medical field, the advancement in health care can extend itself to the less unfortunate at a much smaller cost since any replaceable parts are easily available and no waiting is necessary except to print what is needed. Within the next twenty years the cost of healthcare should go down due to the mass

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