39 Steps Play Analysis

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Name Teacher Class/Period Date The 39 Steps The 39 Steps is a play about a man named Richard Hannay, who gets wrongly accused of being a murderer. He gets caught up in a chase that takes him across the country. This is a humorous play that uses four actors to play some 150 characters. The theme of this play is humor and is also somewhat of a mystery. I think this was a well written play and was well acted out. I think the actors did a very good job of acting. They always stayed in character, and were enthusiastic with their parts. The two men playing multiple characters were particularly good because they could portray different people, with different voices, and different costumes. It must be hard to remember what character you are playing at a certain time. The two other actors were also very good because they always stayed in their part and wholeheartedly made their part real. I felt that they also fed off of the audience very well. The actors and actress were excellent in this play. The set design and scenic elements in this play were very well done and well developed. I particularly really liked the light work in this production. The scene on the train was very good because the lights above portrayed the train moving through a tunnel. Also on this scene was wind blowing to simulate the train speeding down the tracks. I also liked the scene when the shadows were made and we only saw the silhouettes of the actors and props. Strobe lights simulated a reel to reel projector, wooden frames were held to portray walls and windows, and steering wheels were held to depict a car. Many different elements were used to portray various objects. I enjoyed this production because it was very funny and well acted out. I’d like to note on how well the actors played out the 150 characters in the play. Everyone was talented and the set design crew was very
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