39 Steps Essay

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I went to see the play called “The 39 Steps” for my Drama GCSE which is a classic thriller written by John Buchan, where he has successfully portrayed the story of an individual, Richard Hannay, in conflict with society through a series of unrealistic adventures as he is perused by authorities. Passion appears when Hanny encounters a woman named Pamela, with whom he falls in love with which creates a romantic atmosphere in the play. Finally, the true criminals where exposed and the hero is justified. It is set before the Second World War in 1939. The play is a naturalist piece, however, contains many non-naturalistic elements to add to the comic and mysterious ambience of the play. The setting of the play was very naturalistic and simple the play used a plain brick wall throughout which was extremely effective as it helped the entire play link together smoothly and co-ordinate with every scene, which made the storyline seem more realistic. Also, it helped the audience envisage different scenes in context with the storyline, for example, when Richard Hannay invites Annabella Schmidt to his apartment, the brick wall gave the impression that the apartment was new to him and he had just moved in, this scene then contrasted well when two investigators took advantage of the brick wall and cross-cut the scene with them appearing on and off stage hurriedly and swiftly when Hannay looked outside his apartment window as he was suspicious that people were watching him (which they were). This was effective even though the idea was cliché, however, because of this, it made the scene very humorous which is useful as the drama element of cross cutting made the scene more interesting as it made it obvious that something troubling and confusing was going to happen to Hannay; it heightened the drama. Furthermore, when Hannay travels to Scotland and stays over night in a farm with

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