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The 39 steps is a novel written by a Scottish author John Buchan. This story was made around 1915. Around this year, authors majorly wrote about the heroic act for the country and adventure because they want to encourage the young people, especially the young men, to defend their country on the World War I. Similar with other novels that was written around this year, this novel also tells about the adventure of a man. In this novel, Richard Hannay, the main character, has the adventure that he never expected from England before. He thinks that his life in England is boring and he wants to go back to South Africa. Before he can go back to South Africa, he meets a thrilling adventure. He has to solve a mystery and save others life by risking his own life My first impression about this novel is Richard Hannay is a brave because he wants to solve the problem that risking his own life. If I were him, I would step out from the problem because I will not risking my own life. I also think that this adventure only require his braveness in solving the problem. After finished reading the story, my view is changed. Hannay is not only brave but also clever, calm and lucky in this story. This adventurous story turns out that it requires not only his bravery but also the cleverness, calmness and a lot of luck in solving the problem. This novel portrays Hannay cleverness very well. Each chapter always shows how he solves the problems that he is facing well. He is very good at deceiving his enemy and planning all of his moves well. For the example, he has already expected that the Scudder’s friend will be watching him outside the house. So, he pretends as the milk boy in order to get away from his house without so the Scudder’s friends knowledge (p.15-16). His intelligence also showed when he is solving the code or symbol in Scudder’s book (p.26). It is not easy because the code

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