Enki and the World Order & the Song of the Hoe Essay

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ENKI AND THE WORLD ORDER a. The first paragraph of the text explains Enki’s relations to the other gods. It is written that Enki is the lord of heaven and earth, and that he is also the lord of many other Anuna gods. He is said to be the king of the assembled people, lord of prosperity, lord of wisdom and the ornament of Eridug, king of the Abzu. These sentences also give an idea about Enki’s place in the hierarchy; “My father, the king of heaven and earth, made me famous in heaven and earth. My elder brother, the king of all the lands, gathered up all the divine powers and placed them in my hand..”. b. Enki is associated with so many good ideas and qualities; it is told that when Enki opens his mouth, everything will multiply and establish. It is also said that where ever Enki goes, the place turns into a better place, people are safe in their houses, good animals are born and crops are better. It seems like Enki is the loved lord of basically everything. It is also mentioned that Enki was engendered by a wild bull, which gives me the idea of Enki as an ambitious and energetic people, with good leadership skills. Enki would be an honest, powerful and helpful man, I suppose. c. Enki brings food and animal and timber to those who are in lack, he sends them by boats through rivers. He orders the lands to get better, to have strong animals. He uses his powers and energy for the sake of needy people. He builds stockpiles and stacks. d. Inana, daugther of Enki, is complaning that it was Enki’s responsibilty to give her her functions, but he has not yet given them. Enki explains all other women’s functions, so Inana asks him again. Enki stars explaning all that he has given to her; speaking as a woman with pleasant voice, having a women’s power and having a spindle and a hairpin on hand. But the most important abilites of Inana seems like the power to

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