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What is organisational culture and how can it be improved? FINAL 02/05/15 Organisational culture consists of shared assumptions, values and beliefs within an organisation (McLaughlin 2014). The culture of an organisation plays a crucial role in shaping behavior in organisations (Watkins 2013), in addition to influencing how people act, dress and perform their jobs (McLaughlin 2014). Culture tends to originate from the founders of an organisation or from the top, and it can be difficult to change (Kotter 2012). This presentation has been developed to provide an overview of some of the key factors that impact organisational culture, including leadership, team management, performance management, motivating staff and change management. A number of credible and reliable online resources were used to collate this information using Metzger’s (2007) criteria checklist: credibility, accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and scope. Sources utlised included articles from thought leaders in credible and authoritative websites (including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and About Money) and credible government websites (including NSW Government Industrial Relations and US Office of Performance Management). In addition, most sources were dated 2014-2015 and were therefore current. Leadership Leadership is a process that uses social influence and helps to inspire the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal (Kruze 2013). Effective leadership is crucial to help positively influence organisational culture and ensure an organisation is successful (Sheninger 2013). Anderson (2013) argues that with effective leadership in an organisation, there is frequent communication, everyone is working towards a common goal and employees feel valued and important. The long-term positive impact on organisational culture includes

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