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SHAKER HEIGHTS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Shaker Heights, Ohio K-12 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS ADAPTATION OF ACADEMIC CONTENT STANDARDS: BENCHMARKS GRADE LEVEL INDICATORS BOOK LISTS Table of Contents Benchmarks K-12 2-20 Grade Level Indicators: Kindergarten 21-24 Grade One 25-30 Grade Two 31-36 Grade Three 37-42 Grade Four 43-48 Grade Five 49-54 Grade Six 55-60 Grade Seven 61-66 Grade Eight 67-73 Grade Nine 74-80 Grade Ten 81-87 Grade Eleven 88-94 Grade Twelve 95-101 Book Lists: Grades 7 103-106 Grades 9-12 107-131 Academic Content Standards K-12 English Language Arts Benchmarks K-12 English Language Arts Benchmarks (Reading) By the end of the K–3 program: |Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition and |Acquisition |Reading Process: Concepts of Print, | |Fluency |of Vocabulary |Comprehension Strategies and | | | |Self-Monitoring Strategies | |Use letter-sound correspondence knowledge |Use context clues to determine the meaning |Establish a purpose for reading and use a | |and structural analysis to decode words. |of new vocabulary. |range of reading comprehension strategies | |Demonstrate fluent oral reading, using |Read accurately high- frequency sight |to understand literary passages and text. | |sight words and decoding skills, varying |words. |Make predictions from text clues and cite | |intonation and timing as appropriate for |Apply structural analysis

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