307 Taskb Guidlines for Best Practice in Handling Information

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Joannalee Cave 307 TASKB GUIDLINES FOR BEST PRACTICE IN HANDLING INFORMATION How to maintain records so that they are up to date, complete, accurate and legible. Use clear writing so it can be read easily Do not use jargon. Use basic terms. Use FACTS. No opinions and no judgements. Records written as soon as possible after the event. Do not waffle. Be precise and to the point. Be relevant. Date and sign all records. Print your name. How to ensure records are stored securely Use locked filing cabinets with limited access to keys. Keep records in a secure room. Ensure files are not lying around. Ensure no unauthorised personnel have access to files. If client names are on walls (hospital admission list) make sure they cannot be seen from outside the office. Close blinds or angle away from sight if necessary. How to ensure security when reading or making entries into records Complete all records in private. Close the folder if someone comes over to talk to you. Label all folders and documents ‘Confidential’ Discuss service user in private area. Shut down computer screens when not in use. Only access information if absolutely necessary. Check the identity of people who are asking for information about an individual. DO NOT discuss work outside of work. Keep all information on a need to know basis. Special features of different storage systems that help to ensure security. Locks Swipe cards Key codes Only Authorised people allowed entry Signing in and out records Back-up systems Confidentiality agreements Password protect as much as

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