300 vs snow fall on cedar

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Class: Tues & Thur Rene Mendes III 7/15/2008 300 V.S. Snow Falling On Cedar A Canon Of Proportions, an ideal or better yet goal. A Spartan mindset was built around this, to be able to hone your body to perfections. Were men where men. Men who lived by a set ethos, taught to have no emotion other then the love of war and battle. Men who where made to be as hard as stone and strong as steel. 300, though not an accurate film did shed light on a cultural thinking. Perfection of the body, duty to country and family, and honor above all else. This movie show what a cultural believed so many centuries ago and how many of their standards hold true today. The one main idea that transfers over to today is perfection of self, perfection of body. You see it in magazines, tv, music, art. You can't walk outside your own home and not be confronted with it. We want perfection and 300 shows this. It shows mean at the peak of power, with control of their fears and emotions. You see all this early in the film, showing how they examine the newborns deciding if they are worth living. The young babies that are allowed passage into youth are made in to warrior right away, showing them a way that they will follow until their glories death. The weak, soft, and pathetic had no place in their society of He-men.The film itself was amazing, I loved how they used color and camera work to bring it to life. The slow motion scene allowed you to see these warriors strength. The music made you feel emotions that where being expressed by the characters. In the beginning scene with the black wolf, where it showed an outline of a shadow until the wolf opened his eyes then in the later scene where a Persian slowly had shadows cover him leaving nothing but the outline of his eyes just like the wolf's. 1 300, a story of how few stood against many.

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