300 Best Aviation Web Sites Essay

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Introduction Combing the Web for worthwhile aviation sites may leave you cringing at the clock. The limitless selection can easily be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming. Even fishing with your favorite search engine oftentimes reels in every site except the one you want. Enter 300 Best Aviation Web Sites . . . and 100 More Worth Bookmarking. This book is the second edition to its predecessor 200 Best Aviation Web Sites. Besides the addition of 100 more fully reviewed sites, 300 Best Aviation Web Sites now includes e-mail addresses, updated reviews to the last edition's sites, and two new categories: Flight Training & Flight Schools and Airlines. The following pages represent over 5,000 hours of browsing and reviewing. Here you'll find award-winning sites ranging from aviation news to pilot resources, hand-picked by pilots for pilots. The book's purpose, of course, is to help you avoid a tedious cyber-hunt enroute to aviation's better Web sites. And, rest assured that the choosing was performed in a completely unbiased way. Nothing listed here appeared as a result of paid advertising or other favorable treatment. If we thought the site to be worthy of your time, we've included it. 300 B e s t Aviation Web S i t e s 1 Review Rating Criteria As with most reviews, the author's subjectivity ultimately becomes the predominant rating criteria. However, knowing that wouldn't fly with most aviation enthusiasts, I've established a few more tangible guidelines against which 300 Best Aviation Web Sites were judged: Content: Did I uncover practical data and substance or a cesspool of typos and blurry plane pics? Layout/Design: Was I bored to tearful yawns or mystically enthralled with site aesthetics? Functionality: Is site navigation a frustrating maze of futility or a wondrous example of efficiency? Overall Audience: Does the site offer benefits to
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