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30 Minutes It was a freezing cold dark winter night in downtown New York City; only 4 days until another new year. The rain was pouring hard and the wind was wailing like a crying baby. I could feel the pellets digging into my dark skin. Walking home from my friend’s house, I started shivering. I asked my IPhone 6 for the weather, hiri (siri’s brother) appeared and answered, “-5 degrees Celsius Dwayne”. If my mom could only see me now waiting in front of the bus stop in mid town Manhattan, wearing nothing more than my basketball gear, she would be shaking her head in disapproval. In the distance appeared what at first seemed like an ordinary bus headed down town. Looking again, there was a flashing luminous neon color glow emanating from the front of the bus. Could this be my cold brain hallucinating or yet another Hollywood advertisement? The holographic sign printed above the bus showed my address. Strange! At this time of night everyone was coming home, why was my exact address showing? When the bus drew to a halt, I nervously entered. I quickly shuffled to the corner. seat. I could feel the silence around me as trembling; I pulled my thin shirt around my bony shoulders. Was it the cold or fear that made me feel like my insides were being churned by a giant washing machine? There was no one on the bus however I had a strange feeling as if someone was watching me, no it was just my mind running away from me. My body stood to a halt in the corner; I thought maybe it was one of those new e-busses that I had read about. But I was pretty sure that there was supposed to be a driver though, just in case something wasn't working properly. The neon blue seats and metallic black handles looked modern but eerily cold and mechanical. I sat on the edge of my seat, my fingers gripping into the hand rail in front of me My heart started to beat faster as he

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