3 Things That Will Make This Country Better

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What are three things that will make this country better ? As we stand today, the country we live in; The United States of America, is one of the most riches and freest country’s there are. Even though to outside countries it may seem as though this country has it all together; but truth be told, I feel that there are a few things that can make this country a better place. The United States offers a wide range of freedom and various ways of living for its citizens. In todays’ day and age, there’s so much more that the United States could do to successfully achieve having a better society. So here is where we ask the question, “What will make this country better? ” In my own words I will share the ways I feel this country could become a better country. One way I feel this country could be a better country is by incorporating God back into our society. God and prayer has been taken out of our schools and society, which I feel may have a dramatic input on the issues on the issues that are present in our society and economy today. I know that there are many different religions that exist, but ultimately there is only one God and God is God all by himself. There’s a saying, “if a family prays together they will stay together”, this saying should apply to society as well. If this country would pull together and get on one accord, it would contribute to a much better society. Another way this country could become a better place is if everyone were treated equally. In the United, high-class (rich) citizens are treated with more respect and dignity than the average middle-class citizen. If we as a society would alleviate the quantity of dollar signs an individual has to their name and focus on the constructive and valuable characteristic of a person, we would be more prone to treating everyone equally with dignity and respect. So many times average citizens are
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