3 Sub Systems in the Criminal Justice System Essay

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Police In The Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system is composed of three primary and discernible components. 1. Police Detectives, police officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, enforcing the law. Serving and protecting citizens from crime. Responding to calls, bike patrol, car patrol, horse patrol, motorcycle patrol, more commonly used on highways sometimes traffic stops, highway patrol. Highway patrol is responsible for maintaining the flow of traffic by directing traffic. This could be during the morning hours when commuters are on their way to there daily destinations work/school, or during rush hour when people are returning home from their daily duties. There are a lot of things police officers do. 2. Courts judges layers, defendant, plaintiff, jury, Defense Attorney, Prosecutor, DA district attorney, Recorder, judges secretary, Sheriff over see the court room and make certain if or any problems or out burst occur. In criminal courts Sheriffs are responsible for transporting inmates and also to escort inmates/offenders, to the court room when a judge is ready to begin court proceedings whether is be an arraignment, pre-trial hearing, actual trial 3. Corrections incarceration, institutions that are established and are to rehabilitate and offender without the use of force unless necessary corrections could also be probation, A lot of times a judge will assign a probation officer to a defendant if the defendant was not sentence to a period of time to a prison, or jail. Probation may also be terms of an offenders release after serving some amount of time in a jail, or a prison: parole granted on good behavior. Victims are contacted, if any, so they have the opportunity to voice their concerns about the release of a specific offender. These components are sometimes referred to as sub systems. Pg 10 and

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