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3RAI Activity One An organisation needs to collect HR data for a variety of reasons, some to satisfy legal requirements and some for internal purposes; * To Satisfy Legal Requirements As one of the Government Departments, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HRMC) department can request information on employees at any given time. An organisation is legally required to hold on record information regarding pay and hours worked of each employee, to ensure the requirements of the Minimum Wage Act 1998 are met. Information on tax and national insurance, holidays taken to establish the requirements of the Working Time Regulation 1998 are met, and paid sickness and Statutory Sick Pay. These records are a legal requirement and are there to ensure that all employees are treated in a fair way. * To provide Documentation in the event of a claim It is imperative that all disciplinary procedures and grievances are followed according to company policy, these records play a vital role in cases where the employee feels they have been unfairly treated and seek legal advice. Records that have not been correctly maintained could lead to an employee unfairly winning a case at a tribunal and being awarded compensation, which could lead to a detrimental impact on the business. All types of data collected by the HR department play an important role in the progression of an organisation. Appraisals are indispensable as without them you could end up with a stagnant work force, the information gained can be used to ascertain progression and identify training needs. An HR advisor would use this knowledge to ensure that the right person receives the right training for the good of the business, thus enabling growth. ‘A survey of 667 UK organisations revealed that UK employees take an average of 6.8 sick days every year, at an average cost of £600 per employee’ (page 201).

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