3 Idiots Essay

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Hermogenes, Andrea Jane A. PHL7 2BES2 Reflection 3 Idiots The film 3 Idiots is very inspiring and full of hope. It gives guidance especially for those that are helpless in life with the pressure they are experiencing from their families, career, and maybe even their love lives. The film offers lessons and principles that can be the guide to living a healthy life. It made me realized that it will always be your passion that will lead you to happiness, what you want to be and what you want to do. It is very helpful for those who are about to enter the paths that will lead to their future careers, it is important to pursue what your heart really speaks for. For some, it might be difficult to make your parents agree but you should let them know how much time as well as the money will be wasted if you go to the wrong path, it will only make things even worse. We should speak and be heard for our dreams to be fulfilled and soon, we will find true happiness from fulfilling it. After all it is our own lives that we live, so we must go to where we believe our happiness is. Simply make your passion your profession. I also learned that it is not the title we get or even the degree we earn but the lives we touch while we live our lives. It is better to live a simple yet meaningful one than a sophisticated yet materialistic life. Life is not about your job title or how much you earn, the expanse of your mansion, branded clothes and expensive food but the relationship we have with co-workers, the effort you exerted to earn what you deserve, a warm family, comfortable clothes and delicious food. Be an inspiration for others. Make them our partners for us to grow together. Life is a one-time event and we should spend it well. Because in life, there are no rewinds, no pauses, no forwards, just play. Enjoy living and make it a worthwhile because

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