3 Day Food Intake Research Paper

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3-Day Food Intake SCI/220 January 15, 2014 3-Day Food Intake This paper is submitted do to the experiment of my food intake based on a three day period. During the three days I was to intake and record what protein, carbohydrates and lipids that I consumed. How this compares to my dietary reference intake as well as how this can affect my lifestyle and well-being in the future. Some of the foods that were consumed during the three day period that contained larger amounts of protein were 6 inch Subway sandwich, cheese pizza, Buffalo Chicken wings, scrambled eggs and lasagna. Some of the foods that were consumed during the same time that contained larger amounts of carbohydrates are also the same ones listed in my protein intake with the addition of 12 oz. cans of soda,…show more content…
Cespedes (2015), “Lack of proper nutrients can limit the body's immunity, limit the body's ability to rebuild itself from daily punishment so that your muscles do not rebuild, it can because you to have bowel problems, infections, decreases your ability to think and remember things. So essentially without proper nutrients, vitamins, and the building blocks of life such as protein, your body can wither away.” After doing this little experiment I have learned many things about my diet and eating habits. I know a lot of my inputs were based on time restraints on what I had going on over the weekend. So one thing about having a healthy balanced diet isn’t just eating proper, but making time and changing your lifestyle to be able to eat proper. Personally for me, I would need to add more servings of vegetables and fruit on a daily basis and eliminate the amount of cholesterol intake that I have been using. So basically incorporating a balanced portion of protein, carbohydrates and fats will increase your energy and allow you to live a longer healthier lifestyle that we all

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