3 Causes of Ww1 Essay

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People have been trying to understand the cause of WW1 since the war ended. Many historians and experts have come up with huge possible solutions and explanations. However, the question of guilt is a very controversial and sensitive one, and at some point every answer seems unsatisfactory. First, the alliance system certainly played a very important role, but does not entirely explain the outbreak of the war alone. It was a base for other causes that finally lead to war. When Otto Van Bismarck realized the danger of alliances he swept any possibility for any country to form a dangerous diplomatic alignment out of the way, but he failed. In result’s to Wilhelm’s new political approaches after Bismarck, France and Russia became allies in 1892, the triple alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy was renewed in 1902 and only a couple months later, the Franco- Italian Entente was signed. Then in 1904, the Entente Cordiale was signed and 3 years later the Anglo- Russian Entente was also signed, which formed the Triple Entente along with the Entente Cordiale, and this way the two major alliances were formed. It could be argued that the Alliance System did not make a war inevitable however, there are many points that suggest that the Alliance System did indeed pave the way that led to World War 1. Because within 4 years after the alliance formation, Germany mobilized nine dreadnoughts, and the arms race started between all the European countries, each country aimed to have the strongest navy. William 2nd’s reaction with issuing a vigorous foreign policy in order to destroy cohesion among the Triple Entente powers caused a series of international crisis and contributed to the outbreak of war. The Alliance System also brought the conflict between two countries belonging to different alliances, the other powers would be drawn into war and this is essentially

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