3 Attributes to Reach Success Essay

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There stand many obstacles in life that block our path to success. May it be our upbringing, your job, or even your neighborhood; struggle is everywhere. In order to overcome this adversity, we must have some attributes that are quintessential to reaching triumph. Success is a lifelong venture, and having these qualities gets you even closer to the goal. By having pride, initiative, and having self-control, success is closer than you think. Firstly, if you need to make anything in your life happen, then you must first believe. You need to proud of what you believe in and know that you can achieve it. Every goal starts with a little seed, and for it to grow you must be proud of it and self-assured that it will grow. Having this faith in your ambitions can lead the way to that success. Once your mind is convinced that you can do it, and you are proud of your belief, almost anything is possible. Pride is the ‘mind and heart' when it comes to the three characteristics of success. This is because if you aren't proud of an idea and think it will fail, it probably will. Your attitude determines how something will go, and if it's negative than so will the outcome of your goal. Nothing will move until you give it a little push. Being proud of what you stand behind is not going to achieve anything on its own. In order for success, this must be followed up with initiative. Your career plan for success is and will not be anything unless acted upon whole-heartedly. When you take the initiative for what you believe in, there is focus and there is energy. This energy propels you to even greater altitudes. Initiative is the ‘hands and legs' part of the success plan, and is the ‘do' part of it. Initiative in itself is not enough to make it to success. Being disciplined in your actions will greatly help with that. The most common reasons why people fail with their success is

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