3/5ths Compromise Essay

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Prior to the Constitution the United States was governed by the Articles of Confederation. These articles were drafted in 1777, and were proven to be a very weak form of government. Arising from these articles was the drafting of the United States constitution. Under the Articles of Confederation the states were able to retain their sovereighty, freedom and independence. While the central government was able to declare war, make peace and regulate trade with the Native Americans. The issue with this specific division of powers is it didn’t prevent the states from competing with one another for international commerce. The biggest conflict that proved the Articles of Confederation to be inadequate was Shay’s rebellion. In 1787 Danielle Shay was able to lead a group of rebels against the state of Massachusetts due to heavy taxes, and congress was unable to send aide in a timely fashion. It took fourteen days for the locals to regain control in Massachusetts, thus leading to the drafting of the constition. During the drafting of the constitution, conflict arose between the larger states and the smaller states. The conflict revolved around representation, those from the smaller states (Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut) feared that if representation in the new government was based on population, the larger states (Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Massachusetts) would control the government leaving no voice for the less populous states. While the larger states wanted representation based upon population. In order for this issue to be resolved we refer to the great compromise, in which we adapted a bicameral government. Meaning congress was broken up into two chambers one chamber being the Senate. The senate calls for equal representation amongst the states regardless of population. The other chamber being the House of Representatives, in which

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