3.5 Perception-Checking Practice

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Name Eric R. Rodriguez 3.5 PERCEPTION-CHECKING PRACTICE ( Activity Type: Skill Builder Purpose To create effective perception-checking statements. Instructions Option A: Practice writing perception-checking statements for items 1—10 below. Option B: 1. Join with a partner to create a dyad. Label one person A and the other B. 2. Both A and B should write perception-checking statements for items 1-40 below. 3. A then delivers items 1—5 to B orally. B should use Evaluation Form 3.7 to rate A’s responses for these items. 4. B delivers items 6—lO orally to…show more content…
I would be glad to give you a ride unfortunately I am really tight on time right now perhaps you can take your car for today. 5. You return home at night to find your roommate, Tom, reading on the couch. When you walk into the room and greet Tom, he grunts and turns his face away from you and keeps reading. Is there some thing bothering you Tom I would be glad to fix it if possible 6. Last week your instructor, Dr. Green, returned your exam with a low grade and the comment, “This kind of work paints a bleak picture for the future.” You have approached Dr. Green to discuss the remark. I honestly did my best Dr. Is there Some thing I could do to make it better next time. 7. In one of your regular long distance phone conversations you ask your favorite cousin about his romantic life. He sighs and says, “Oh, it’s OK, I guess.” I would like to hear more about it if you don’t mind sharing with me. 8. Your girl or boyfriend (or spouse) announces that she or he plans to spend next Friday night with friends from work. You usually spend Friday nights alone together. Hey that sounds like a great Idea we could get out of the ordinary, I could spend some time with my buddies

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