3.2 Task 6.1 Roles of National and Local Government

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Task 6.1 Roles and Responsibilities of National and local government National Government The DFE (Department of Education) leads the whole network of people who work with CYP. They are responsible for drawing up education policy i.e. National Curriculum. The DFE is always looking into new ways of developing the quality of services available to children under the five outcomes of Every Child Matters. National government also plays a role in funding education based projects, developing reforms within the workplace and promoting integration. Local Government The local governments departments for education provide a key service to schools within the local area, the offer a role of support and advice. Some of the responsibilities are to ensure that certain services are accessible such as; • Staff training and development • Special educational needs • The curriculum, including early years • Promoting community ties • M School management issues • Behaviour management As well as the above, local authorities will need to a provide paperwork outlining any visions and plans for any government based initiatives, they can demonstrate this through many ways including their local Children and Young Peoples Partnership (CYPP) plan. These plans focus on integration and improvement within the local area. The LEA will usually also employ specialist advisors to deal with different subjects of the curriculum, if there is any changes to education policy then LEA is expected to pass this information to the schools and offer any additional training necessary through either their local education development centre or INSET (In-Service education and Training)
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