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3.1 Assignment Essay

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Homework 3.1
P. 184
3. What happens when you give the following commands if the file named done already exists?
a. You would overwrite the ‘done’ file
$ cp to_do done
$ mv to_do done
4. How can you find out which utilities are available on your system for editing files? Which utilities are available for editing on your system?
a. Give the command apropos editor.
b. Ed, editres, ex, gedit, ldbedit, ldbrename, nano, ospa, psed, red, rnano, sed, vi, vim, zshzel
P. 185
13. Try giving these two commands:
$ echo cat
1. Displays cat on the terminal
$ cat echo
2. Will read the file ‘echo’ if file exists
Explain the differences between them.
P. 220
1. Is each of the following an absolute pathname, a relative pathname, or a simple filename?
a. Milk_co
i. Simple filename
b. Correspond/business/milk_co
i. Relative pathname
c. /home/alex
i. Absolute pathname
d. /home/alex/literature/promo
i. Absolute pathname
e. ..
i. Relative pathname
f. Letter.0610
i. Simple filename
2. List the commands you can use to perform these operations
a. Make your home directory the working directory.
i. cd
b. Identify the working directory.
i. pwd
3. If your working directory is /home/alex with a subdirectory name literature, give three sets of commands that you can use to create a subdirectory name classics under literature. Also give several sets of commands you can used to remove the classics directory and its contents.
6. You should have read permissions for the /etc/passwd file. To answer the following questions, use cat or less to display /etc/passwd. Look at the fields of information in /etc/passwd for the user on your system.
a. Which character is used to separate fields in /etc/passwd?
i. colon (:)
b. How many fields are used to describe each user?
i. 7
c. How many users are on your system?
i. 2
d. How many different login shells are in uses on your system? (hint look at the last field.)
e. The second field of /etc/passwd stores user...

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