3.03 Managing Stress

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3.03 Managing Stress Stress is part of everyday life. It happens to everyone. Whenever it happens to me, I just try to relax, and most of the time sleeping helps. I’ve tried some new techniques to help me cope with stress. I stretch or I guess you could call it meditating, I go long boarding for a few hours, or I listen to music. I’ve learned to deal with stress well while doing these activities. Through stretching, I realized that I can really relax and let everything chill out. It especially helps get in touch with my body. Just being in a quiet are, trying to “stretch it all out” and get rid of all the stress I have felt great. It was a great technique that was very relaxing, and especially easy. When I really just want to take out my anger or be alone, long boarding is the best medicine. Instead of getting mad at my parents or wanting to punch something, going for a joy ride feels amazing. It helps me stay fit and helps release the anger. It gets everything off my mind, and keeps me distracted. Longboarding also allows me to be physically active so it feels good. I usually board with my best friend, so it makes me feel better. Music has always been my way of escaping the world. It gets me to open up, and really express my feelings. I know that I’m not the only one feeling a certain way, so there’s a song for every mood of mine. Sometimes listening to what other people have gone through makes me feel better. It can usually brighten my mood. The music strategy is usually the technique that I use. I’m a genuinely very lazy person, so I don’t always want to get up and go long boarding, even though it’s the best for me. Also, living in Florida changes plans all the time. It rains one minute, then its sunny the next so it interferes with going outside a lot. I listen to music everywhere I go; I always carry my headphones in my pocket. I stretch when I’m

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