3.03 Manage Your Stress

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Manage Your Stress There are multiple techniques for handling stress. Such as relaxation techniques, physical activity, and Reading/Writing/Multimedia activities. One of the Relaxation techniques I really like is Breathing. One physical activity that really sticks out to me is basketball cause it's my favorite sport. Lastly when I'm not playing basketball you can usually find me in my room playing computer games. I'll start with the breathing. I'm not a professional on the art of breathing but I use it a lot to calm myself. If I'm ever mad I'll just take a step back from whatever situation it is and just breath in and out through my nose and out my mouth. It really helps for relaxing and revealing stress. Sometimes I'll do it if I'm just alone because it gets me in a good mood. Next is basketball. Basketball is my personal favorite because some good physical activity can be very relaxing. It's a great stress reliever because I usually play it with my friends and it takes my mind off everything and makes me happy. Sometimes if I've been in the house too long I'll take my basketball and go to my hoop I in the back yard and do a couple layups. Lasting I love computer games, not many people know my alter ego but I'm a computer nerd. I play games like league of legends, path of exile, minecraft, hammerwatch, and many MANY more. Anyways video games are probably the best stress reliever for me even though basketball may be my favorite because it's like you can be in that alternate reality when you play them. You can just be a hero for 30 minutes out of your day and it makes you feel good. Plus indie games like Minecraft are just a laid back open world game where you can explore and relax, play at your own pace. I would and do use all of these In times of stress but if I had to pick one it would be computer games. You can easily blow of some steam in a video game,
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