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Preview Two Michael Jordan is more than being considered the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on the court, Jordan also proved to be a marketing genius. Before Jordan’s rookie season in 1984 he wanted to sign an endorsement deal with a big-time athletic company. His list consisted of Adidas and Converse. Jordan had always been a long time Adidas fan. Jordan also considered Converse. First, his college North Carolina was sponsored by Converse. Second Jordan took in consideration that Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Mark Aguirre, and Julius Erving were already signed with the Brand. Jordan had his heart set on signing with Adidas, but they never came with an offer. Jordan had already had an offer but it wasn’t by Adidas or Converse. It was an offer by founder Phil Knight and the Nike headquarters. Jordan was offered a lot of money by Nike but didn’t want the offer. Nike also hinted that Jordan would get his own signature shoe. Jordan was still resisting the best offer he had on the table still waiting on Adidas. In the summer of the 1984 Jordan signed an astonishing $500,000 with the Nike brand. The Signature shoe that Nike was hinting to him would be called Air Jordan’s. When finalizing the deal the talk of commercials and advertising came into the conversation. In his early years Jordan teamed with Spike Lee to advertise his shoe line. Later in his career Jordan would appear by himself. These Air Jordan shoes would change the way basketball players wear their shoes forever. He and Nike throughout his playing career would go on to release the Air Jordan series to many stores around the world. The original Jordan’s l-XIV would be sold and worn during his career. The later models XV-XXIII would come after Michaels playing career. Thru the years since 1984 it is estimated that Jordan and Nike made $206 million off selling his signature shoe’s

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