Childhood to Adulthood Essay

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Learning From Childhood To Adulthood IYANNA SIMON PSY 202 DR.LAW June 25, 2012 Childhood to Adulthood 1 Learning From Childhood To Adulthood When I think of my childhood and my mother, I immediately think about the kinds of learning experiences that I had to go through. Some of my learning experiences had come through by nature. Learning to associate with certain sounds, expressions and proceedings. I had to be aware of reinforcement theories which my mother would use to make me learn things. For example, my mother would spank my hand for touching the cord would be hanging from the curling irons or touching the electric socket. After getting my hand spank a few times, I would never touch it again because of knowing my mother would spank my hand. Personal identity, according to John Perry, can be divided into three areas, the body, the memory and the soul. John Perry’s “A Dialogue on Personal identity and Immortality” discusses the aspects of personal identity and the three parts of “self”. I always felt that I was in touch with my own identity. I remember I use to look in the mirror in my mother’s bedroom by standing on a step stool and wonder play in her make-up and wonder how I would look as a grown woman. I remember having make-up all over the place, all over my clothes, face and hands. Now its strange that a person wants to grow up so fast. I tell children today don’t rush wanting to grow up, just enjoy being a kid while you can. Sometimes I wish that I could be child all over again, so I wouldn’t have the responsibilities I have today. One of the most important things that are bound to affect my learning is the fact that I am an adult learner. As individuals we seem to develop a lot from our surroundings. It may come from our families, friends and relationships. There is a system that breaks down the interactions from childhood to adulthood and that’s
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