Mu 2.8 Reflective Account Analysis

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MU 2.8 unit Reflective account - explain the importance of physical and mental well being. Include why you need to balance periods of activity with rest/quiet times with your setting routine encouraging emotional well being. Within the school environment it is very important that young people have a good physical and mental well being. In a secondary school it is very important that young people have a good balance of work and rest because they are taking so much information in academically, they need to a balance of both in order to keep a good mental well being, it is so important that children do not become stressed and anxious at school, because they are very young still and need to learn how to cope in order to prepare them for future jobs. A balance of work and rest is vital. If a child was to work non stop with no rest, they would loose concentration quickly which would mean they were not learning and taking in information from the teacher, so it is important that a child has allocated rest times so that they can switch off from work mode, and have a fresh outlook on the work set after their break time. Break times are not only good for switching off the brain but are also important for children to interact with others building friendships which will improve their…show more content…
It is very important for children to have good mental and physical well being if a child is painfully shy and see others forming friendships- they may become distracted in lesson times due to the worry of not making friends. Ensuring a child is physically well is also important a child’s diet can effect how they perform in the class room, ensuring exercise is implemented to promote healthy living is important. If a child is over weight for example, this will possibly affect confidence and may under achieve due to worrying about their weight and possibly being
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