2500 Word Essay On Leadership And Punctuality

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15OCT09 Leadership and Punctual By: SGT Beam Leadership is to lead soldiers in the right way, in order for your soldiers to follow you have be able to do whatever you ask them to do. To lead is to guide your subordinates whom are beneath you. To lead is to take on a group of people to accomplish a mission. A leader can always assigned pointed duties to subordinates by delegating down to others by doing this is gives soldiers responsibility and gives them a chance to become a better leader for others service members. Leaders are Non-Commissioned Officers whom Corporals and below follow in order to get the mission or task accomplished in a timely manner. Punctual is to be at your assigned place and time on time. It means to be at a meeting or formation on time. As a leader this needs to be accomplished in order for your soldiers or/and subordinates can follow you. If this is not met than do you expect to lead or for your soldiers to follow you. Which if your appointed a time then you should be their. We always tell our soldiers to be on time but by some Service Members not being on time especially our Non-Commissioned Officers how are they suppose to set the standards if we cant do them ourselves Punctual also means point in place. If you are told to be somewhere and your not that is not being punctual. Punctual is a good thing to be but in order to be that you need to pay attention and be at your appointed place of duty on time and in the right uniform. By doing this it will be a start at setting you up as a good leader or Non-Commissioned Officer. Military and leadership are inseparable if your in the military then your either in control of leadership or being controlled by leadership in some type of way. By this being this being the truth there is no excuse of being late and it is not to be tolerated. As a leader you already know that

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