24 Hours Unplugged

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"I clearly am addicted and the dependency is sickening, and I noticed physically, that I began to fidget, as if I was addicted to my iPod and other media devices, and maybe I am." Students are addicted to Social media and technology; students are multi-tasking and their class grades are suffering because of it. The study – “24 Hours Unplugged” -- was conducted by the University of Maryland’s ICMPA in late February and early March. Researchers found that American college students struggle to function without their media connection to the world. Researchers explained, "We were surprised by how many students admitted that they were 'incredibly addicted' to media," said Susan D. Moeller. Students found themselves surrounded by new technology…show more content…
Although I go to a school with thousands of students, the fact that I was not able to communicate with anyone via technology was almost unbearable. "Being cut off from the wired world also meant being cut off from news and information -- not that any of them were regularly watching the news on TV, picking up a newspaper, listening to the news on the radio or visiting a news website. One student who failed the assignment and cracked open a laptop during the 24-hour-ban learned about the violent earthquake in Chile from "an informal blog post on Tumblr." Another student suddenly had less information than everyone else about a range of subjects, including sports and news and cultural references. One instructor said that after giving the kids a test, he noticed something. Today, many more are scoring poorly. Why? “It is not that they are dumb,” he said. They are districted by everything else (digital media). “They have done themselves a disservice by drinking the Kool-Aid and believing that a multitasking learning environment will serve their best purposes,” MIT Professor Sherry Turkle said. You should only think about one thing in class. The students believe they can multitask. So far no one has measured it, but at Stanford they are studying it. Professor Clifford Mass at Stanford has compared brain

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