21St Century Workforce:Challenges For Human Resour Essay

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21st Century Workforce: Challenges for HUMAN RESOURCE Dr. Atul Bansal, Principal * M.Com. LL.B., PM&IR, M.B.A (Fin.), Ph.D., MIAA, MICA, MITC, SMIEDRC C.Z. Patel College of Business and Management (S.P. University), Vallabh Vidya Nagar – 388120. Distt. Anand (GUJARAT), INDIA Mobile: 09377023808 Fax: 02692-236700 e.mail : dr.atulbansal@gmail.com ABSTRACT “If you happen to meet the HR Head of a large organization, just ask him what his biggest challenge is. He will say 'retention of people'.” In the present scenario administrative professionals to change managers and strategic business partners, the role of HR has entirely changed. In today's aggressive global market it has become necessary for organization to expand internationally to gain competitive advantage. Globalization has forced organization and their human resources functions to redefine their strategies. It is necessary for the management to invest considerable time and amount, to learn the changing scenario of the Human Resource Department in the 21st century. In order to survive the competition and be in the race, HR Department should continuously update itself with the transformation in HR suitable HR Policies that would lead to the Achievement of the organization as well as the individual's goals should be formulated. HR Practitioners of every organization and also for those who have significant interest in the area of Human Resource Management should realize the growing importance of human resource and understand the need to build up effective HR strategies. Peoples are important assets. Placing this value on employees, requires the organization to emphasize on human resource practice, including reward for superior performance, measures of employee satisfaction, careful selection of employees, promotion from within, and investment in employee development. Keywords:

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