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Teaching in the 21st Century. What is the meaning of teaching in the 21st Century, one that I found was “I define 21st century learning as 20th – (or even the 19th) century learning but with better tools.” Lynee Munson. I partly agree with this, yes we do have better tools and technology; this has helped our students with their learning. Technology has increased in the classroom going from your old style blackboard that all you could do is write on it to interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboard will not only show the students writing but will show students items from all over the world an example of this is whales feeding in Alaska: (http://video.nationalgeographic.com.au/video/kids/animals-pets-kids/mammals-kids/whale-humpback-kids/). New technology such as the iPad with education programs and schoolbooks help students, so does the Internet with search engines to find what you need, chat rooms to ask questions from an expert (Community members). With technology Teachers will also need to be able to discuss with students how to use it appropriately and cautiously. I do disagree with the comment saying “I define 21st century learning as 20th – (or even the 19th) century learning” Lynee Munson. Learning has changed from children learning from their parents or Masters and did an Apprenticeship or a very structural learning environment. The learning of the 21st Century is becoming more adaptive to the child. As teachers we have changed roles as from being the keeper of knowledge to helping the child to be self thinkers, self learners and to teach them that learning is not just at school for now but learning is a lifetime tool. Another discussion that has been started for the teachers of the 21st Century is to change the curriculum to personalised teaching, where in the classroom teachers ask the students what they are interested in, and see where their

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