21st Century Essay

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In the 21st century, we are living in a world where environmental concerns have become a vital issue. In order for a engineering piece of design to stand out, one must take our ecosystem into consideration, which is why I have chosen Hybrid engines to be one of the greatest invention since the 20th century. So why are hybrids so influential? Now days, oil, coal and other widely used traditional energy resources are now depleting vigorously, while most other new supply system for energy production has failed to establish in the transportation, financial, commercial and industrial sectors collectively caused the energy crisis. According to economists and scientists, the general estimate that by mid-century, i.e. around 2050, exploitation of oil resources will be depleted, its price will rise enormously, not suitable for wider application of mass when, not if the new energy system established, the energy crisis sweeping the globe, particularly in Europe and America which are greatly dependent on oil resources. The most serious condition it can lead the industry to shrunk dramatically, or even as to seize the remaining oil resources and lead to war To avoid this dilemma, the U.S., Canada, Japan, the European Union are all in active development, such as solar, wind, ocean energy (including tidal and wave energy) and other renewable new energy. Meanwhile, hydrogen, methanol and other fuels as gasoline, diesel substitute, also received extensive attention. Enthusiasm for study at home and abroad hybrid fuel cell electric vehicle is a typical application of such an intermediary on behalf of energy. So how does Hybrid engine work? Basically, hybrid cars have to assemble a huge battery. So the so-called Hybrid battery is the special cell dedicated hybrid car. Below are some specifications: * Start with the low-speed driving: The secret of Fuel-efficient

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